Top 5 SEO Blogs that you must consider

1. Google Blog

It is very important and it’s always you should be reading. This blog is for the latest news from Google.

2. Moz

Moz publishes best guidelines for the beginners and It has been in the SEO since 2004. It explains the things in very detail. They give more information on popular topics more frequently.

3. Kissmetrics

It is an incredible and cool blog, focus on data and metric. They publish the new article every week and also covers other subjects besides SEO. If you’re looking for content that is detailed and covers every angle of a topic, this is your blog.

4. Hubspot

The most important thing of this blog is the way it’s written. They make the article in a conversational tone and it is easy to understand. The Marketing Blog is where you’re going to find your SEO advice, but HubSpot also has blogs covering other topics (sales, academy, web design, etc.)

5. Search Engine Land

The most popular SEO blog, always the first break news. They have several articles on one subject and also their topics have a good variety.


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